Manager:            Dave Hough 
Telephone:         07961 044945

Manager:              Dave Tomlinson
Telephone:          07808 041558

Assistant:               Damian Rawden
Telephone:             07793 592501

July 2022

Tuesday 19th (h) v. Bolton Wyresdale (ACC)
W 5-1 (Hough (2), Shareen, Axon-Smith, Smalley)

Saturday 23rd (h) v. Old Boltonians (F)
W 3-2 (Axon-Smith (3)) v. Old Boltonians (h) 23rd July 2022

Saturday 30th (h) v. Horwich RMI (F)
L 3-5 (Axon-Smith, Hough, Leatham)

August 2022

Tuesday 2nd August (a) v. Horwich St Marys (ACC)
W 3-2 (Al Raisi, Pollitt, Shareen)

Saturday 6th August (h) v. Ramsbottom United (F)
L 2-3 (Axon-Smith (2))

Tuesday 9th August (h) v. Daisy Hill (ACC)
W 3-0 (Tomlinson (2), Pollitt) A better second half sees us progress in the Atherton Charity Cup

Saturday 13th August (h) v. Hindsford AFC (MFLPD)

Wednesday 16th August (a) v. Atherton Town (MFLPD)
L 0-1

Saturday 20th August (a) v. Uppermill (MFLPD)
L 0-1
Saturday 27th August (h) v. Atherton Town (MFLPD)
L 1-3 (Hough) We’ve got to turn the tide – and quickly…

Tuesday 30th August (a) v. Leigh Foundry (ACC)
L 1-4 (Airey) The 1st’s are out of the Atherton Charity Cup….

September 2022

Saturday 3rd September (a) v. Heywood St James (MFLPD)
D 2-2 (Kennedy, Shareen (p)) We secure our first point of the season!

Saturday 10th September (a) v. Rochdale Sacred Heart (MFLPD)

Saturday 17th September (a) v. Dukinfield Town (MFLPD)
L 1-2 (Axon-Smith) We come away from Tameside with nothing…

Saturday 24th September (h) v. Leigh Genesis (LAS)
W 9-0 (Leatham x3, Helsby x2, Axon-Smith, Airey, R.Smith, Hodgkinson) That’s our name in the draw for the 2nd round of the County Cup!

October 2022

Saturday 1st October (h) v. Manchester Gregorians (MFLPD)
W 4-3 (Axon-Smith, Airey, Kennedy, Leatham) Three hard fought-for points in the bag…

Saturday 8th October (h) v. Carnforth Rangers (LAS)
W 3-0 (Tomlinson (p), Hough, Muchenje) Our County Cup run continues…

Saturday 15th October (a) v. Springhead (MFLPD)
W 6-1 (Hough, Axon-Smith (x2), Airey, Smith, OG) This was more like what we are used to…

Saturday 22nd October (h) v. Hindsford AFC (MFLPD)
L 3-4 (Leatham, Axon-Smith x2) Did we deserve to lose this? Really?

Saturday 29th October (a) v. Walshaw Sports (MFLPD)
L 1-4 (Axon-Smith) This wasn’t one we want to remember…

November 2022

Saturday 12th November (a) v. Pennington (LAS)
L 2-3 (Tomlinson x2 (1x pen) The County Cup run is over…

Saturday 26th November (h) v. Walshaw Sports (MFLPD)

December 2022

Saturday 3rd December (a) v. Manchester Gregorians (MFLPD)
L 2-4 (Hough, Airey)

January 2023

Saturday 28th January (h) v. Chadderton Reserves (MFLPD)
L 1-2
(Sean Muchenje) The visitors leave Radcliffe Road with all three points…

February 2023

Saturday 4th February (h) v. Heyside (MFLPD)
W 3-0 (Airey, Axon-Smith, Hough) That was more like it…

Saturday 11th February (h) v. Royton Town (MFLPD)
L 0-4 Royton Town leave with all three points…

Saturday 18th February (a) v. Rochdale Sacred Heart (MFLPD)
L 2-5 (Smalley, Airey)

Saturday 25th February (a) v. Heyside (MFLPD)
W 3-1 (Tomlinson (pen), Chez, Asumani) A much-needed three points brought home from Oldham…

March 2023

Saturday 4th March (a) v. Pennington (MFLPD)
L 1-3 (Helsby) Defeat in Pennington – when a point would have been fair…

Saturday 18th March (a) v. Chadderton Reserves (MFLPD)
L 1-2 (Kez) How did we not win that?

Saturday 25th March (h) v. Old Altrinchamians (MFLPD)
W 4-0 (Leatham, Hodgkinson x2, Pollitt) Three points and a great display…

April 2023

Saturday 1st April (h) v. Manchester Gregorians (GGC)
W 2-0 (Leatham, Airey) We progress in the Gilcryst Cup!

Thursday 6th April (h) v. Pennington FC (BHC)
L 1-5 (Louis) We fall at the first hurdle of the Hospital Cup…

Saturday 8th April (h) v. Moorside Rangers (MFLPD)
D 3-3 (Airey, Smith, Tomlinson (p)) Now that was entertaining…

Tuesday 18th April (h) v. Heywood St James (MFLPD – 6.30pm k.o)
W 5-0 (Axon-Smith x2, Airey, Hennesey, Hulme)

Saturday 22nd April (h) v. Uppermill (GGCR2)
L 1-4 (Axon-Smith) The 1st team exit the Gilcryst Cup…

Wednesday 26th April (a) v. Old Alts (MFLPD – 6.30pm)
W 1-0 (Smalley) A massive three points for the 1st team!

Saturday 29th April (a) v. Royton Town (MFLPD)

MAY 2023

Thursday 4th May (h) v. Pennington FC (MFLPD – 6.30pm)
D 1-1 (Axon-Smith) A hard-fought point is better than none…

Saturday 6th May (h) v. Uppermill (MFLPD)
D 1-1 (Asumani) The 1st team draw for the second time in less than 48 hours…

Wednesday 10th May (a) v. Hindsford AFC (MFLPD – 6.30pm)
L 2-3 (Kez, Tomlinson)

Saturday 13th May (h) v. Springhead (MFLPD)
W 2-1 (Axon-Smith x2)

Tuesday 16th May (h) v. Dukinfield Town (MFLPD – 6.30pm k.o)
W 2-1 (Airey, Axon-Smith)

Saturday 20th May (a) v. Moorside Rangers (MFLPD)
W 4-2 (Airey x2, Axon-Smith, Kez)

Tuesday 23rd May (h) v. Rochdale Sacred Heart (MFLPD – 6.30pm)
D 2-2 (Axon-Smith x2) A point against the Champions – when it should have been all three!

Saturday 27th May (h) v. Walshaw Sports (MFLPD)
L 2-6 (Louis x2) The curtain falls on the 2022-2023 season – heavily!

*All fixtures and kick-off times subject to change*


MFLPD – Manchester Football League – Premier Division (2pm k.o)
LAS – Lancashire Amateur Shield – sponsored by Interfit
ACC – Atherton Charity Cup
GGC – Gilgryst Cup
BHC – Bolton Hospital Cup
F -Friendly

Name Games Played Substitute appearances Goals scored (Pens) Assists  



Chris Pomfret 1          
Carl Airey 1          
Tom Aspen 1          
Tom Axon-Smith 1          
Kieran Hennessey 1       1  
Jack Hodgkinson 1          
Mahal Shereen 1       1  
Liam Short 1          
Jonathan Smalley 1          
Ben Tomlinson 1       1  
Chris Hough 1          
Robbie Kennedy   1        
Robbie Pollitt   1        


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