Back in 2019, our Women’s Team Manager Andy Ross was interviewed by The Women’s Football Magazine about his role in the ‘new’ Bolton County FC and how he – along with the other committed members – were adamant they were going to develop our Women’s section – and they have not failed to deliver!

So much so that after our last game of the 2022 season – the year that changed Women’s football in our country – some of our girls were interviewed by Helen Rowe- Willocks (the Editor of the magazine itself) and they now feature in a special edition that looks back on how the success of our National team ignited passion amongst women and girls all over the country to take up the beautiful game. Have a look at the photos and see for yourself…

We are all really proud of the girls that pull on the famous blue shirt every week and this is national recognition of the great work Andy and everybody else is doing. Keep it up people!

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