What a weekend that was!

Team Storm started last weekend making fantastic memories with fantastic people – as Friday saw them head over to Flamingo Land on a Camping Football Weekend that would only culminate in us coming home with the trophy!

The weather was perfect as the girls spent hours of fun together. It was so great to see the County family living their best life! Great food, even better drinks and most all – everybody having a fun-filled time!

But then it came back to what it was all about – and that was the football. On Sunday morning we all awoke and had breakfast as we prepared for the day ahead – with the coaches reminding their troops that it was all about having fun – as the weather was blistering and we were going into this with a squad of seven. The message was a simple one and that was let the ball do the work, pass the ball well and most of all – work hard for each other. And my word did they listen! We flew through the group stage going unbeaten and not conceding even one goal! That saw us in the semi-final and quietly, the travelling County fans were starting to believe…

The step in quality was clear to see as the girls went behind early in the semi – but their determination and grit, paired with some great team work – saw them pull together and equalise before eventually going on to grab the winner! With the County supporters going wild in the aisles, we were through to the Final and could this end up being a lot more fruitful than what we had imagined? You can bet your bottom dollar it did!

With a short break to regroup and try and refill the lungs with some air, it was time for the big one. The last game of the tournament. And the one that decided where that trophy was going to live. The coaches gathered their heroes and told them that no matter what, they were all winners to him. We had the fun of Flamingoland awaiting us when this was over so go out there, give it your best shot and let’s see what happens. With a large crowd gathered, the girls entered the arena and before we knew it, the action had started…

And our girls not only gave it their all but they also showed what commitment, teamwork and building strong friendships can achieve. It can drive you to be the very best you can be – and throughout this Final of a football tournament, that’s exactly what our girls showed. They never gave up, they covered every blade of grass and they fought for each other as though there was no tomorrow. So when that last whistle of the day was blown, that glorious trophy was coming back to Bolton to nestle nicely in our Trophy cabinet! What a day! What a team of players! And what a great bunch of supporters!

The coaches hadn’t stopped though and when County TV managed to catch up with them, they had nothing but praise. ‘I personally want to thank each and every one of them for not only today – but week in, week out – they put in so much work to improve and for that, Danny and I are very proud and grateful. And what a great set of parents and sponsors we have backing us wherever we go as well. Glenbank Care Home and KLSK – we thank you!’

Happy coaches there then. And a happy bunch all-round. We went away for the weekend to have fun and we did that in droves – and only brought home a trophy as well!

Girls – we salute you! Absolutely brilliant stuff and hopefully memories that will last forever…

Up The County!!!