Yesterday, I caught up with Andy Kellett who played for Bolton County at junior level before he progressed onto Bolton Wanderers Academy. I found out about his time at County, his time at Bolton Wanderers & his footballing memories. See the interview below.

So how did you get involved with Bolton County and how old was you?

AK: My dad and a couple of his mates set up a team there and me and my mates from primary school went there and played together. We started at under 7s

What is your earliest memory of playing for Bolton County?

AK: The earliest memory I have of playing there was the final we played at the R

eebok as it was called then. We all dyed our hair red and we ended up winning. That is where I got scouted for Bolton with my best mate at the time as well

How did Bolton County help you progress into becoming a Professional footballer?

AK: It was just a great place to be when I was younger. They always used to have big tournaments on where all the young kids would go and just play all day. I think the enjoyment of playing with all my mates and for my dad helped me and give me the confidence to go and play somewhere like Bolton

How did you come know of Bolton Wanderers interest and was there any clubs interested in yourself?

AK: I can’t really remember how I was scouted/approached I just remember my dad telling me that a letter had come, and they wanted me to go training. It was shortly after the cup final game at the Reebok and there was scouts there

As a Bolton fan myself, tell me how you found your time at Bolton Wanderers?

AK: I loved every minute at Bolton and when Dougie gave me my opportunity to play football for the first time, I thought I would stay at Bolton a very long time. The season after when Lennon came in I kind of got my nose pushed out and it never really felt the same as the season before

I have seen you’ve just signed for Guiseley AFC but what does the future hold for Andy Kellett?

AK:  That’s a tough question. I just want to start enjoying my football again and hopefully I can have a successful season and as a team we can achieve something

And finally, what I want to know is your favourite:

Bolton County

Match: I’d say the final at the Reebok. It was always my dream to play there and to do it that young gave me a vision of where I wanted to be when I was older

Team mate: I didn’t have a favourite team mate at the time as we were all good mates and we were a really good team as well. We kind of needed everybody to make it work

Memory: I don’t have a favourite memory. What I do have is a big scrapbook of results/ pictures/ goal scorers from every game we played as my dad used to make note of it after every game. When I have looked back through them Iv remembered the games straight away

Professional career

Match: There is probably too many to choose I’ve played in some great games but seeing as we’re talking about Bolton, I’ll never forget Sheffield Wednesday away when all the fans were singing about me and we’d won 3-1. I remember sitting on the bus on the way home and thinking this is great