We looked back through archives to look at our past 5 matches against Springhead AFC ahead of opening game of our Manchester League Premier Division Fixture.


Saturday 21st September 2019

Team: C Airey, M Ajibade, T Aspen, T Axon-Smith, C Helsby, J Hodgkinson, G May, M Ormrod, L Short, I Smalley, M Leatham

Subs: k Katembe, L Harrison

Goal Scorers: T Axon-Smith


Saturday 13th April 2019

Team: T Apsen T Axon-Smith, J Evans, C Helsby, K Hennessey, J McLoughlin, M Ormod, L Short, L Stewart, J Whittle, C Hough

Subs: J Fielding, A Njie, M Leatham


Saturday 23rd March 2019

Team: T Aspen, T Axon-Smith, J Fielding, C Helsby, K Hennessey, G May, J McLoughlin, M Ormrod, L Short, I Smalley, M Leatham

Subs, D Strickland, C Hough, S Orajuba

Goal Scorers: J McLaughlin, M Ormrod, I Smalley, M Leatham


Saturday 28th October 2017


Saturday 30th September 2017