It’s that time again people – where we announce the winners of our 100 Club draws for both May and June 2022!

As you’ll be aware, Bolton County FC are forever thankful to our devoted supporters and those of you that enter the 100 Club draw every month really do us proud! And we are so pleased to be able to inform you all of the winners over the past couple of months. So here goes…

May 2022

1st – with No. 6 and winning £100.00 is: T. Smart
2nd- with No. 7 and winning £50.00 is G. Tyldsley
3rd with No. 62 and getting £35.00 is J. Skuce
4th with No. 85 and walking away with £25.00 is R. Tattersall
5th with No. 20 and winning £20.00 is M. Booth

June 2022

1st – with No. 85 and winning the top prize of £100.00 is R. Tattersall (good couple of months for you our friend…)
2nd- with No. 46 and winning £50.00 is G. Walton
3rd with No.4 and winning £30.00 is G. Simister
4th with No. 47 and gaining £22.50 is N. Hulme
5th with No. 41 and getting £20.00 is Under 10’s

A massive ‘Thank You’ for everybody at our great Club and don’t forget to tell your friends and family all about the Bolton County FC ‘100 Club’

Up the County!